Prologix | Method Practice Pad

Prologix Percussion


A foundational practice tool for beginners, students, and professionals alike.

  • A dual-sided practice pad that is available in choice of two sizes- 6" or 10" playing surfaces.
  • Top surface features a 5.5mm Green Logix playing area for optimum rebound.
  • Bottom surface features an 8mm recycled Midnight Vortex playing area for building your chops.
  • The pad base features a unique CNC milled design using sustainable HD/MDF panel that is engineered for exceptional strength using 100% recycled and recovered wood content.
  • American made.

Collections: Traditional

Type: drum practice pad

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Sonia Lee

Method Practice Pad

Great pad

Bought this as a quieter alternative to my Offworld invader pad. Both surfaces feel really good to play on. Great job Prologix!

Mini Method Pad

Was looking for a smaller pad for the purpose of travel and the Mini Method was the right solution. I'd say its only competitor is the Tap-Off Mini by Tapspace, but this pad is even smaller in diameter making it lighter in weight. The rubber side is also more resistant which is great for chop building on the fly, and it makes the pad sound quieter than other competitors. Lastly, the black articulate side is great for practicing in busy/noisy environments, and if you want to hear clarity in rudimental passages. Overall, it's a great pad for on-the-go practice, and I'm glad I got to add it to my Prologix practice pad collection.

I love this!

I'm going to buy another one. This pad is so fun to practice on.

The Ultimate Pad For The Road

I keep the Method Mini pad in my stick bag at all times. It's the perfect size for easy travel and it has a great feel and is great for a secondary practice pad. The green side provides a very quiet playing surface so I am not interfering with other's recordings or performances in the next room and the black side provides a great surface for chop building. I recommend this pad for all of my percussion students regardless of if they are a drum set exclusive player or a full percussionist playing in school ensembles, marching bands, and/or jazz big bands. It's well-rounded, budget friendly, and extremely solid for any and all percussionist to use.