Our Story

Prologix is an internationally renowned drum practice pad manufacturer located in Northeast Ohio. Jason Edwards founded the company in 2001 with the intention of developing the best feeling practice pads in the industry.

Before founding Prologix, Jason taught drum lessons full-time while maintaining a weekly practice and gig schedule. Jason was inspired by the various techniques taught by master hand technicians such as Murray Spivack, Louie Bellson, Joe Morello, Freddie Gruber, and Jim Chapin. He contacted Jim Chapin for one on one lessons to learn the Moeller Method during Jim’s travels through Ohio. It was during these years of study when Jason realized practice pads needed to be improved in order to achieve a quality practice experience. After extensive research, Jason decided to build a prototype using high quality, American made materials that simulated the true feel of an acoustic drum. Jason gave Jim his first pad prototype to use as he loved the feel and craftsmanship. Shortly after, Jim inspired Jason to pursue his passion of designing practice pads by launching a full-time manufacturing business.

In 2001, the first product brought to market was a patented dual-sided nonagon pad named the Startix. Shortly after the Startix pad was released, Jason designed and patented both the Tenor-Zone Pad and Tri-Pad. With these designs, Prologix was the first practice pad manufacturer to introduce rims on tenor pads. In 2002, Jason re-designed the Startix pad, which featured a round Baltic birch base that included snare basket receivers and a recessed rim. This new design was later named the Logix pad and has become a staple in the Prologix product line. Over the next few years, Jason attended PASIC walking the exhibit halls to build relationships with established drummers and develop business partnerships with emerging e-commerce drum shops throughout the United States.

As the company continued to advance, Prologix released multi-surface signature products designed in collaboration with artists Russ Miller, Johnny Rabb, and Rich Redmond. The popular Blue Lightning and Red Storm Training series were introduced in 2009 to provide drummers a low-volume, resistance surface for strength development. To further expand the Training category, Prologix introduced the Blackout extreme resistance pad in 2017. After years of research, Prologix elevated the standard of drum set practice pads with the introduction of their Practikit and Thunderkick products at NAMM 2018.These products feature Sequential Mass Compression (SMC) technology engineered to replicate the feel and pitch of acoustic drums at a low volume.

Today, Prologix is a leading practice pad manufacturer that offers a full line of products for drummers of all styles and abilities. The Prologix team continues to develop a variety of practice products designed with modern materials, technology, and trend-setting innovation.

Practice proud and please enjoy your practice experience!