American Made

ALLN1 by Russ Miller

Prologix Percussion


A signature practice pad created by artist Russ Miller with interchangeable surfaces designed to enhance your stick and brush vocabulary.

  • 13" top playing area that features a proprietary 5.5 mm green fabric finish surface which creates a rebound similar to a medium tensioned snare drum.
  • 13" textured white brush insert for practicing brushwork. (Store on a flat surface)
  • 13" VST grey fabric light resistance training insert for muscle development and also great for volume reduction with late night practice.
  • 14" bottom surface features a 5mm recycled playing area that can be used as a second sound option.
  • The pad bottom fits inside a 14" drum hoop which creates a true snare feel and additional snare sound as the pad base will vibrate the snare wires since it is resting on the snare drum hoop.
  • 13" non-marking, Poly-Tech rim for precision rim shot execution and cross-stick simulation. Does not mark up your sticks.
  • The pad base features a CNC milled design using sustainable HD MDF panel that is engineered for exceptional strength using 100% recycled/recovered wood content.
  • The outer edge of the base is fitted with a modern high gloss Poly Tech U Channel for durability while also reducing overall volume of the pad. 
  • American made.

Collections: Signature

Type: drum practice pad

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Daniel Farrugia
My new travel companion.

I purchased the all in one whist on tour and the good people at Prologix shipped it out to a hotel anticipating my arrival. Coupled with a pair of sticks and brushes, that pad is serving me daily either in the band room or the hotel room. The brush surface is incredible and a great way to practice along to music. Also having the two options of rebound pad for stick practise is perfect for simulating the stick rebound from my actual drum kit. I highly recommend this great product.

Preston Lange
Great pad!

Had it for a bit now and use it all the time! Can take a serious beating, the inserts fit in snug and the brush pad is just amazing! Also love the rim

Julian Frazier

This pad is just what I wanted in a practice pad. It is worth the money, the thing I’ve noticed is that the grey mat frays easily

Luis Castilla
Excelent product

El practicador es excelente. El rebote me gusta mucho, tiene su anillo para tener una experiencia mas parecida a una taróla. El tamaño es bueno, ademas pudees cambiar el modo practica a mas silencio y también puedes practicar con tus escobetillas. Una excelente herramienta de practica.

Justin Scheidling
Great pad!

Feels great under the sticks and brushes! Grey pad is nice and quiet but its also nice to experiment by stacking the Brush pad on the rubber surface for a louder stroke, but you can also put it on the grey for softer practice as well! All the layers are very durable and so is the rim! Its great edition to my studio and my students love it too!