Brushtracks by Anthony Stanislavski

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 An innovative brush pad, created in collaboration with artist Anthony Stanislavski, designed to teach you proper sweeping motions, comping rhythms and improvisation using various rhythmic vocabulary. Learn to play any groove or fill with fluidity and freedom by keeping your brushes within the tracks.

In addition, Anthony has filmed 7 introductory Brushtrack tutorials which are located on our YouTube channel for you to learn the basic strokes and patterns. 

  • 14" light matte surface for durability. 
  • 3mm rigid PVC that is guaranteed not to warp or bend out of shape. 
  • Signature UV printed tracks artwork designed by artist Anthony Stanislavski indicating position and movement of your Right and Left brush. 
  • Finger notch to remove product off 14" drumhead surface.
  • 12" non slip bottom for placement on any flat surface, snare drum, pad or lap.
  • American made

Customer Reviews

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Staecy Vandeyar
Rip Off

Anyone can slap rubber/mutepadon a piece of thick cardboard for less than $46. It would have been worth it it came with an explanation on how to use the design that he has on the cardboard which I thought was going to be part of the purchase. That is why I bought it. You just lucky I am too lazy to return it.

Hi Staecy,
We appreciate your review and we are sorry you feel Brushtracks is not of value to you as an instructional brush practice pad. We would like to clarify product specs and provide resources to help you understand the functionality of Brushtracks.
As stated in our product description the product is designed using 3mm rigid PVC and not cardboard. Also, we use open cell rubber on the bottom to keep the pad lightweight and provide grip when used on flat surfaces.
The product page mentions that there are 7 free introductory tutorials available on our Prologix You Tube channel. These are located in a playlist titled Prologix Brushtracks Tutorials for you to visit and learn the basic patterns using the product. Be sure to check these out first.
Brushtracks was simply designed in collaboration with Anthony Stanislavski's to be used with his book titled Phrasing and Freedom with Brushes that is available on Amazon. Many other Brushtrack pad educational videos can be found on Anthony's You Tube channel and Instagram page. We will provide a link to his book as a resource on our product page for future customers. We hope the this information helps you understand how to use the Brushtracks pad and we appreciate your business. To submit a return request please send us an email to and we will be glad to assist you.
Thank you and Practice Proud!
-Team Prologix

Greg Lints
A bit disappointed

I thought the surface would have more texture than it does. It’s pretty smooth. I get it that it’s a practice pad, but in my opinion, the surface should have a “rougher” texture to it. As it is, it doesn’t have the same feel as a coated head, and is actually too quiet for me when playing on it. Having said that, the “brush tracks” are a great idea (and seem to be imbedded in the surface) so kudos on that point! On a side note, Anthony’s book and videos—including his YouTube videos, are really great. Informative and inspiring.
A great big western howdy to Jason, and best of luck in your continued endeavors…

Brien B
Finally a great brush pad

I had always been a "fake it" brush player. However in the last year or so I have decided to change that. I like having a pad that's portable that I can use in front of the tv or on the deck, as well as putting on a snare or pad.

the train tracks are a bonus, and I really like them to help with the choreography of the brushes when playing laterally. (and really help when following anthony's book).

Two things I'd change.

I'd find it helpful to have a figure 8 also printed on it (even if light print)

Also, the notch on the pad at the 6o'clock position is a bit large for my taste, and occasionally my brush wires get stuck in the hole. If you have to have one, i guess thats the best place, but either a piece of tape attached to the bottom to be used as a puller or make the hole smaller would help

Jose Duque

Perfect companion to Anthony’s book
Having a blast practicing with this pad
Highly recommended

N Scott Robinson
Excellent product!

Fantastic brush pad!