Method Practice Pad

Prologix Percussion


A foundational practice tool for beginners, students, and professionals alike.

  • A dual-sided practice pad available in 10 ¾” and 6” playing surfaces.
  • Top surface features a 5.5mm Green Logix playing area for optimum rebound.
  • Bottom surface features an 8mm recycled Midnight Vortex playing area for building your chops.
  • High-quality, carb compliant, Super-Refined MDF2 base.
  • American made.

Collections: Standard

Type: drum practice pad

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
The Ultimate Pad For The Road

I keep the Method Mini pad in my stick bag at all times. It's the perfect size for easy travel and it has a great feel and is great for a secondary practice pad. The green side provides a very quiet playing surface so I am not interfering with other's recordings or performances in the next room and the black side provides a great surface for chop building. I recommend this pad for all of my percussion students regardless of if they are a drum set exclusive player or a full percussionist playing in school ensembles, marching bands, and/or jazz big bands. It's well-rounded, budget friendly, and extremely solid for any and all percussionist to use.

Andy Kivela
My Second Prologix

I grabbed a small green pad with a rim from Prologix about a year ago and completely fell in love with it. I bought myself one of these in the 10” model as an end of semester present. I have used it nearly every day for warm ups, Stick Control workouts, and general practice playing. I have two other name brand pads that I stopped using because I love the Prologix ones so much. Thanks for making a great practice pad!