Prologix | 2024 Limited Edition 10" Method Practice Pad

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The 2024 Method is a 10"dual-sided limited edition practice pad that is officially inked with the year made on each playing surface. The Method Limited is a one of a kind design featuring high-quality American made materials and a slim profile for portability. The pad base is edged with our signature Duraguard trim for extra durability and modern aesthetic. It's a unique portable pad made for beginners, students, and professionals alike.

  • A dual-sided practice pad with 10” playing surfaces.
  • Top surface features a .217"/5.5mm Green Logix playing area for optimum rebound.
  • Bottom surface features an .197"/5mm recycled Multi Color Vortex playing area for building your chops.
  • The pad base features a CNC milled design using sustainable HD MDF panel that is engineered for exceptional strength using 100% recycled/recovered wood content.
  • The outer edge of the base is fitted with a modern high gloss Duraguard for durability while also reducing overall volume of the pad.
  • American made.


Collections: Marching, Traditional

Type: drum practice pad

Customer Reviews

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Zachary Frommelt
Good pad

Solid quality pad

Brandon Miller
Excellent, about the midnight vortex though…

I like this pad, the construction/quality is excellent. The rebound is good on the green side with contrast between taps and harder strikes being right where they should be. Also, the pad seems much quieter than I was expecting, so definitely points to Prologix there. The midnight vortex is also an..interesting surface. I’m not a fan of the recycled multi colored version. I much prefer the midnight vortex from the method pad offered prior to this one (still listed for sale on the website as of this writing ). The reason is because on the multi colored midnight vortex, it has uneven articulation and you can hear the difference when you strike one of the multicolored recycled pieces. This, at least for me is a bit disruptive during practice. On the prior method pad, I did not have this issue and it seems to have far less rebound than this 2024 edition.

Overall, this has been a fantastic purchase and great addition to my practice routine

AJ Lenzi
Blown Away

I bought this pad after seeing it advertised on insta for the 24’ WGI booth. I had always wanted to try the midnight Vortex surface. Especially the the multicolored version from 22’.

I got my pad today. My immediate reaction after noodling on both sides was I’m blown away. I drum a lot. I own a lot of pads. This one is unique. Especially the midnight vortex. I love the way it feels. The green side has a nice rebound. It feels good. Quieter than I was expecting. I suspect that black casing has something to do with it. The green side feels like a snare drum. The midnight vortex is deceptively cushiony. Or at least that’s how it feels. Usually with those recycled tire/rubber surfaces, they’re loud and hard. This one is different. To look at it you wonder, what all that stuff? (@Prologix what is in there?) It looks like fine peices of rubber and plastic packed into each other. The sound is hearty. You really feel your beats. All that white and colored texture affects the sound too. Sometimes my sticks will squeak a bit when I hit a part with a different texture it’ll sound just a hair more articulate for a second. You’d think this would be annoying, but it’s oddly satisfying. It does take some getting used to though.

Overall. When I play, I’m constantly switching back and forth. I never do that with double sided pads. The Vic firth and evans double sided pads have a side that’s meant to be for chops, but I never use them. It’s too loud and almost shrill to my ears. Not here.

If you’ve never tried a Prologix pad like me. Get this one. It’s easily the best pad I’ve ever owned.

Thanks, Prologix.


Very good pad and the most realistic rebound in a practice pad. Sounds great and has a good contrast between the taps and shots.