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The Travelite Pad, designed in collaboration with Dave Weckl, features an 8" ultra-lightweight, versatile, compact design for the "on the go" drummer.  This dual-sided pad features Grey (VST) Variant Surface Technology for low-volume stamina training paired with our Green Logix surface for optimum rebound and control. 

  • Top Surface: .217"/5.5mm green premium-grade natural rubber.
  • Bottom Surface: .659"/16.75 mm Grey VST Light Resistance playing surface for low-volume stamina training.
  • Base: Custom lightweight milled design using sustainable HD panel engineered for exceptional strength which is made of 100% recycled and recovered wood content.  
  • Design: The outer edge of the base is fitted with a high gloss Duraguard trim for durability and overall volume reduction.
  • Placement: Place on your lap, on a drum, in a snare stand, or on any flat surface.
  • Surface Dimensions: 8”
  • Product Dimensions: 8.36” (D) x 1.125" (H)
  • Weight: 1.8 lbs.
  • Origin: USA - American Made

Customer Reviews

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Ryan Hall
Great Portable Pad

This is an excellent option for any drumset players that are on the go or typical everyday use at home. Both sides of the pad feel great to play on and it’s very easy to put it in my drum bag and take it with me and it’s not too heavy altogether. I love prologix practice pads and this is another great addition to add on.

Brandon Miller
Travelite Practice Pad

This pad is as advertised. It’s lightweight, feels great to play on. I was curious as to how the gray surface would feel. It feels like it’s close to their Blue Lightning surface but perhaps a bit less rebound than even that. It certainly works to train the hands by making you pull the rebound out. The green side is as usual excellent traditional natural rubber. This is a fantastic choice for the traveling drummer. The pad doesn’t move at all while playing either, added plus.

It does have the duraguard which I’m not a fan of. For modernizing the aesthetic, it’s great. However, the duraguard wrap changes the overall tone of the pad to some degree. Also, it tends to get marked up fairly easily even with being careful. This won’t bother everyone, just something to take note of.

I recommend it on the go or as a primary pad. The dual sides and size make it perfect for me.

Joe Halbig
Ok Pad.

The Rebound Green Side Feels Really Nice. The Other Side Is A Thin Blue Thunder Pad. I Was Expecting a Thicker Gum Rubber Pad. My Problem Is The Odor Given Off From The Pad. I Also Got That Odor On My Hands From Handling The Pad. Is This A Safe Product? I’m Suspect!!! 👎👎👎👎

Hi Joe,
We appreciate your 5 star review and we are glad that you are enjoying rebound on ghe Green Logix side of the Travelite pad. We would like to address your concern regarding an odor you seem to be experiencing regarding our Travelite pad.
Please know that all Prologix products are American Made and we use pure natural USA made ingredients in all of our playing surfaces. All Prologix natural rubber surfaces are safe and free of any harmful chemicals.
Just to clarify the opposite side of the Travelite is a Grey VST quieter side for muscle workout which is made of Natural Rubber and is recessed into the base for a slim portable design.
Please understand that natural rubber products may at times have a slight odor as all products made to order and reduce shelf life. If there is any sense of natural rubber odor it will eventually dissipate and will not harm you. In comparison, you may experience a similar odor as compared to a new pair of athletic shoes or new automobile as they also contain rubber components.
We hope this information helps you understand our use of natural rubber products and we appreciate your business. If you have any other questions or concerns please feel free to email us at amd we will be gald to assist you.
Enjoy your new Travelite pad and #practiceproud.
-Team Prologix

Thomas Magnuson
Dave weckl travel pad

I’ve been studying with Dave for about a half a year now and one of the first things he said to me was to get a ProLogix travel pad . it has really sharpened my articulation and accuracy I will take it everywhere with me

Jonathan Gordon
High quality, but heavier than expected

I'm torn because I like this practice pad a lot, but it's super heavy for something billed as "Travelite". Even though I like using it, it weighs down my bag. I wouldn't recommend for actual travel use.

Hi Jonathan,
We are glad you like the Travelite pad however we are sorry that you feel 1.8 lbs is 'super heavy' for your bag. Please understand that the average weight for a traditional 8' double sided pad is a minimum of 2.4 lbs.
If you can sacrifice a smaller size for lighter weight we suggest our 6' size pads weighing an average of 1.2 lbs or even our 4' Method pocket pad that weighs .6 lbs. We hope this information helps clarify the facts regarding weight of the Travelite which is held as one of the lightest 8' pads on the market for traveling.
Thank you and practice proud!
-Team Prologix