Midnight Vortex 5 Tenor Practice Pad

Prologix Percussion


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A marching quint practice pad designed to develop your stick position accuracy, increase stamina, and improve various techniques for performances on the field or in the arena.
  • Features zone-shaped playing areas with precise spacing in a 6”,10”,12”,13”, and 14” size configuration.
  • 8mm, Midnight Black Vortex recycled playing areas. You can use any style of stick tip on all Vortex surfaces.
  • Non-marking, Poly-Tech rims for precision rim shots, and other sound simulations.
  • The pad base features a CNC milled design using sustainable HD MDF panel that is engineered for exceptional strength using 100% recycled/recovered wood content.
  • The outer edge of the base is fitted with a modern high gloss Poly Tech U Channel for durability while also reducing overall volume of the pad.
  • Features (3) recessed holes on the underside for mounting onto any snare stand.
  • American Made.

Collections: Marching

Type: drum practice pad

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Jacqueline Slone
Awesome practice pad!!

The pad is amazing. I use it all the time and it has not let me down.

J. Toral
Five Star pad!!!

This pad is absolutely incredible! The quality is very noticeable, and you can feel it! The rims on these are the same size as the tenors I am currently playing, which very much helps switching from pad to real tenors. The bounce I get with my sticks are identical to the actual toms. Overall, it is really comfortable to practice on, and I would highly suggest purchasing this pad if you need one to practice. It won't let you down!

Mitch Bahr
Solid Construction, Intelligent Design

The tenors are very well made, the pads have a realistic feel and the rims are very helpful for sweep technique.

exceptional practice pad for quad player

nice craftsmanship, well made, realistic rebound, accurate sizing... perfect practice tool for drum line member switching to quads

Sharon Reyes
Very good

It's very good! the feel of the pad is very nice, and the rims aren't obnoxiously large. The rims on the 3 and 4 drums could be a little longer. Hitting the 4 rim with the left hand is hard to line up.