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“Hybrid“ David Ellis Signature Marching Pro Pad (PX/DEPAD)

Dual sided for high tension snare head feel on the grafix side and tenor practice on the bottom side.

Blue Grafix laminate feels just like a high tension marching snare drum.

Red gum rubber mini tenor layout for practicing muscle memory or quiet practice on blue surface.
The David Ellis “Hybrid“ Signature Corps Practice Pad is a double sided multi-functional practice pad specially designed for the “on the go“ player who wants to practice their snare chops and maintain their tenor drum muscle memory. A 360° “PTR“ (Poly Tech Rim) replicates the realism of an actual snare drum rim by providing excellent impact strength and volume for producing shots, pings, cross shots and hi hat mocking.

Weight: 5lbs

Price: Retail $95.00
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About “Hybrid“ David Ellis Signature Marching Pro Pad (PX/DEPAD):
  • 13“ x 3/16“ red gum rubber playing surface produces a realistic drum feel and excellent rebound.
  • 360° “PTR“ (Poly Tech Rim) replicates the realism of an actual snare drum rim by providing excellent impact strength and volume for producing shots, pings, cross shots and hi hat mocking.
  • The back side of the “Hybrid“ Instrument features a mini quint tenor layout for practicing movements, exercises and music. The 3“ center spot can also be used as a focus pad for working on precision. The Blue Nylon Material surrounding the five tenor spots serves as a third practice surface as well.
  • A custom graphic laminate is included and applied to the main playing surface for greater articulation and simulation of a marching drum head.
  • “SHM“ (Snare Hoop Mount) technology allows you to mount the pad on top of any 14“ snare drum hoop preventing any contact from the drumhead underneath. With “SHM“ you really experience the best feeling surface and snare element sound in a pad. You can adjust the desired amount of snare “buzz“ with the tension of your snare drum throw-off. If you prefer no snare “buzz“ simply place your throw off into the off position.
  • “TSR“ (Tripod Stand Receivers) technology consists of three notches located on the bottom side of the base which conceal snare stand tripod arms underneath and out of your way. “TSR“ allows the pad to resonate freely and eliminates any “playing into the stand“ feel.
  • 14.5“ CNC machined Baltic Birch base for producing a realistic drumhead feel with true sound dynamics when playing from center to the edge.
  • 1.5“ x 3mm non-skid ring around the bottom edge of the base allows for the natural sound of the Baltic Birch to project.
  • Playable on any flat surface or 14“ drum.
  • 100% Made in the USA
  • Weight: 5lbs
What The Pros Say:
& objArtists.ArtistName &“When it comes to transferring over your rudiments from a pad to and actual drum, ProLogix pads are a must. With its rim and extremely durable laminate, practicing rudiments, rim tricks and backsticking is much more realistic.“
David Ellis, Former Blast Snare Soloist, Bakersfield College Instructor, Bakersfield High School Percussion Director, Liberty High School, International Clinician.

& objArtists.ArtistName &“I like ProLogix pads for several reasons. The rubber rims are important on a pad, especially when practicing rimshots. I particularly like the Signature line of pads - the multiple surfaces of the Russ Miller, Johnny Rabb and Dave Ellis pads provide various styles of drummers with essential tools to practice their craft.“
Pavel Stepanov

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