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“All-N-1“ Russ Miller Signature Pad (PX/RMPAD)

NAMM Best in Show 2013!

3/16 red gum rubber

Blue Mute insert for an added workout at a low volume.

White textured insert for practicing brush storkes.
The “All-N-1“ Russ Miller Signature Pad is a NAMM 2013 “Best in Show“ revolutionary multi-functional practice system features a variety of stick and brush interchangeable playing surfaces to maximize your sound and practice session.

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About “All-N-1“ Russ Miller Signature Pad (PX/RMPAD):
  • 13“ x 3/16“ ProLogix® proprietary rubber drum pad blend playing surface that produces a realistic drum feel and excellent rebound.
  • 13“ interchangeable white micro-textured insert produces realistic sound and feel of an actual coated drum head for practicing brush strokes.
  • 13“ interchangeable “Blue Lightning“ insert produces more resistance to really work the hands while maintaining a low volume.
  • 360° “PTR“ (Poly Tech Rim) replicates the realism of an actual snare drum rim by providing excellent impact strength and volume for practicing rim shots and cross stick patterns.
  • “SHM“ (Snare Hoop Mount) technology allows you to mount the pad on top of any 14“ snare drum hoop preventing any contact from the drumhead underneath. With “SHM“ you really experience the best feeling surface and snare element sound in a pad. You can adjust the desired amount of snare “buzz“ with the tension of your snare drum throw-off. If you prefer no snare “buzz“ simply place your throw off into the off position.
  • “TSR“ (Tripod Stand Receivers) technology consists of three notches located on the bottom side of the base which conceal snare stand tripod arms underneath and out of your way. “TSR“ allows the pad to resonate freely and eliminates any “playing into the stand“ feel.
  • 14.5“ CNC machined Baltic Birch base for producing a realistic drum head feel with true sound dynamics when playing from center to the edge.
  • 1.5“ x 3mm non-slip ring around the bottom edge of the base allows for the natural sound of the Baltic Birch to project.
  • Playable on any flat surface or 14“ drum.
  • 100% Made in the USA
  • Weight: 3.5lbs
What The Pros Say:
& objArtists.ArtistName &“I have been very impressed with the ProLogix® pads. Jason has really used some forward thinking and came up with some great ideas for the development of a great practice tool. It is very important to have a feel as close as possible to a drum. But, to also have the hoop helps keep our minds focused on the execution of different sounds that can be extracted from a drum. Being able to utilize this on a pad is great. Especially one that has so little acoustic sound level. Congrats to ProLogix® on a great product!“
Russ Miller, Multi-Platinum, Grammy Award winning Recording Artist, International Clinician, Author

& objArtists.ArtistName &I met ProLogix® founder Jason Edwards when I traveled to Ohio for a gig and had just read his fascinating and informative Modern Drummer article. I was immediately taken in by his percussion knowledge, his creativity, and his down-to-earth demeanor. He showed me his high quality innovative pads and his incredibly useful ‘why didn’t I think of that?’ Brush Map series, and he told me of the exciting products to come! I immediately realized that I had a home for my newest creation, the Snare Drum “Strike Zone Template“ and I am now proud to offer this helpful student/teacher tool through the ProLogix® family of Signature Artists!
Wes Crawford, Drumset Educator at Goucher College, Director for the Drumset And Percussion Camp of the Goucher Summer Arts Institute

& objArtists.ArtistName &-
Jamey Tate, Artist, Clinician, and Drummer for David Benoit, Mindi Abair, Peter White, and Courtney Fortune.

& objArtists.ArtistName &-
Karl Grohmann, Composer/Songwriter, performing musician, and innovative educator

& objArtists.ArtistName &-
Roger Cardillo, Educator at Milano's Music

& objArtists.ArtistName &“ProLogix's innovative and cutting edge products take practice to new heights! Their Brush Maps are well laid out and make teaching a breeze!”
Eddie Dalton, Director of Bands at Colonial Heights Middle School and Percussion Instructor at Milligan College

& objArtists.ArtistName &“Great pads Jason! These pads are a great instrument and are the best I have ever seen!“
Mike Clark

& objArtists.ArtistName &“I have tried many practice pads - I have three ProLogix pads and I am very satisfied with these products. ProLogix satisfies the real wishes of every drummer, which is important in the drum industry.“
Stephan Koler, Professional Drummer, South-Tyrol, Italy

& objArtists.ArtistName &“I have tried many practice pads - I have three ProLogix pads and I am very satisfied with these products. ProLogix satisfies the real wishes of every drummer, which is important in the drum industry.“
Stephan Koler, Professional Drummer, South-Tyrol, Italy

& objArtists.ArtistName &“ProLogix pads offer me the essential tools for warming up, practicing and rehearsing. The feel of the pad and design quality allow for the easiest way to approach getting my chops together for whatever gig or concert I have.“
Johnny Fedevich, Profession Drummer, Las Vegas, NV

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  • ProLogix® guarantees their practice products to be of higher quality and craftsmanship than all other leading practice pad manufacturers.
  • ProLogix® practice products are guaranteed against any material defects in craftsmanship during the manufacturing process.
  • ProLogix® does not guarantee practice products against physical abuse,
    neglect, and/or accidental damage.
  • 100% of ProLogix® practice products are manufactured in the U.S.A.
  • All ProLogix® products are quality built and inspected by hand.