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Recommended Links
www.zampino.com www.zampino.com
An amazing five star drum shop located in North Canton, Ohio where ProLogix® owner Jason Edwards and artist Cullen Triner teach drummers of all ages. Be sure to check it out and sign up for the email newsletter. The first ProLogix® Dealer.
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www.drummerworld.com www.drummerworld.com
Bernhard Castiglioni's drum site full of video, audio, links and text on every great drummer in the world.
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www.guitarcenter.com www.guitarcenter.com
We are very proud to be a Guitar Center Vendor. Be sure to stop by your local Guitar Center to special order one of our revolutionary practice tools.
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www.pas.org www.pas.org
The Percussive Arts Society® (PAS®) is a music service organization promoting percussion education, research, performance and appreciation throughout the world. PASIC conventions are held once a year and are highly recommended! Visit the site for more info.
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www.moderndrummer.com www.moderndrummer.com
One of the World's #1 Drum magazines. An excellent source of information, education, equipment, players and history of drumming. Check it out!
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www.boomboompercussion.com www.boomboompercussion.com
Boom Boom was started by Jen Lowe, a touring musician who believes that her fellow musicians should have access to the best gear at great prices!
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www.drummagazine.com www.drummagazine.com
The magazine for drumming fanatics world wide. Also publishers of new magazines titled TRAPS The Art of Drumming and How to Play Drums. Check it out.
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The American Patriots Rudimental Drummers Club was founded in 2003 by John and Barbara Flowers to promote the preservation of historical rudimental drumming from our earliest roots to modern drumming as we know it today. Check it out!
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The Warped Tour The Warped Tour
The Warped Tour is a touring music and extreme sports festival. The tour is held in venues such as parking lots or fields upon which the stages and other structures are erected. The BMX/skateboarding shoe manufacturer Vans, among others, has sponsored the tour every year since 1995, and it is often referred to as the Vans Warped Tour. The tour started out as a showcase for punk rock music, but its more recent line-ups have featured a diversity of genres.
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