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Product Care & Tips

ProLogix® practice pads are of high quality construction. The life of a practice pad depends greatly on care. One that is played with good technique will last longer than one played aggressively with poor technique. Therefore, proper care is essential for maintaining the longevity of the practice pad. Abusive treatment, neglect, and abnormal playing /practice habits will cause permanent damage to the practice pad.

ProLogix® Product Precautions

Please take the following precautions when caring for all ProLogix® practice pads. Not following these precautions may result in permanent damage of the product.

1. Do Not over tighten tension rods when installing Groove Wedge onto the “All-N-1” signature practice pad. Over tightening will cause threaded inserts to eject from practice pad.

2. Do Not use the Groove Wedge as a carrying handle when transporting the pad. Doing so will cause damage to threaded inserts.

3. Do Not store ProLogix® practice pads in extreme hot or cold temperatures.

4. Do Not fold or crease the ProLogix® Brush Maps when installing onto the practice pad. Instead, lightly flex Brush Maps for best results during installation.

5. Only use brushes on the Fiberskyn® Insert or ProLogix® Brush Maps.

6. It is highly recommended to store all ProLogix® Brush Maps inside the ProLogix® D-Lux Travel Bag inner pocket or on a flat surface when not in use.

7. Wipe ProLogix® Brush Maps clean with warm mild soapy water. Do Not scrub abrasively.

All the Best,

Jason Edwards

ProLogix® President