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Customer Testimonials

“One of the most vital tools a percussionist must have is a first class practice pad. The All-N-1 Russ Miller Practice Pad gives complete adaptability to the player whilst using sticks and brushes. At last we have a pad that not only warms up the limbs using sticks and allows wonderful brush technique to develop but we can concentrate on real musicianship thanks to the flexibility of this unique pad.“

Evelyn Glennie
-World Percussionist, UK

“ProLogix® have come up with what I think is the best practice pad in decades. The feel of both the red rubber and the blue muffle insert is excellent and the idea of being able to practice brushes on it is a fantastic feature. I especially love the brush maps, brilliant idea!“

Matt Hobson
- Professional Drummer, UK

“Just want to give a huge thank you for firstly, your excellence in customer service and “can do attitude”, and secondly for making such a great product such as the All-N-1 Russ Miller Signature Practice Pad.
All my students here at the New Zealand School of Music have been really impressed, and I’m enjoying teaching the students the brushes especially on the pad!! Thanks again for making the deal happen!!“

Lance Philip,
-Senior Tutor drum/percussion, New Zealand School of Music.

“Got the pad late last week and have been using it religiously!! It already has made such a difference as I can now play on my snare without the pad jumping around. As a result I play for much longer 'cause I'm not getting annoyed with wrestling the pad all the time. I am now also regularly nailing very quick flams rolls as well as 4, 7 and the odd 9 single stoke roll when playing with my band on drum kit!!! hehe - it's killing my bass player .... he keeps betting me I can't do it again .... anyways this is one bit of a practice kit I know I will be using for years, and I recon it's make a difference already - certainly on the confidence front and no doubt technically as well. Thanks for all your help!!“

Hamish Hesketh
-Student @ New Zealand School of Music

“The Russ Miller “All-N-1“ Practice pad gives you back the pleasure of practicing seriously. It is a flexible accessory; usable on a snare drum, on a stand…beautifully manufactured with visible and touchable high quality. The multiple surfaces are really great and functional during practice time. The blue muffle disc is my favorite for the sticks. I am very glad to own this amazing practice tool. It really is an all-in-one useful device that goes way beyond the classic practice pad.“

Luca Aveta
-Professional Drummer, Italy

“I saw many practice pads on the market but I was not really happy with these pads…until I found “the pad”! The “Prologix-Russ-Miller-pad” is definitely the perfect solution for practicing! The different surfaces (red, blue and the white surfaces – last one is especially for brush-practicing), allow me to practice with different rebounds and even late at night so I do not disturb my neighbors. When I´m doing practice snare-stuff on the blue surface – it is really very quiet and it is also perfect for challenging my muscles. The pad is really well done and looks great! Thank you Jason Edwards - and off course Russ Miller -for making together such a great pad…and also because of my curious internet-surfing, I was able to find this wonderful practice-pad!”

Stephan Koler
-Drummer, Italy

“EXCELLENT !!! I think it is the best practice pad in this market! With the brush map, I think this practice pad really give all the drummer's need. Also the nice wooden bottom gives a nice sound and I feel I have a equal fun with playing a snare! Finally, I would like to say many, many, and many thanks to you. Your kind support and patience for my order is highly appreciated.“

Victor Lau
-Drummer, Hong Kong