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Pavel Stepanov

What Pavel Stepanov says about ProLogix®:
“I like ProLogix pads for several reasons. The rubber rims are important on a pad, especially when practicing rimshots. I particularly like the Signature line of pads - the multiple surfaces of the Russ Miller, Johnny Rabb and Dave Ellis pads provide various styles of drummers with essential tools to practice their craft.“

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More About Pavel Stepanov:
- Honorary member of N.A.R.D.
- Member of U.S.A.R.D. and R.D.M.
- Head of the Department of Rudimental Marching for St. Petersburg Percussion.
- Lecturer in the School of Shock Skill.
- Head of a drum group of the Central Military Orchestra of St. Petersburg.
- Founder of rudimental drum group “Sky Rhythm“.
- Graduate of Murmansk College and Petrozavodsk Conservatory with a focus on symphonic percussion.
ProLogix® Endorsements:
“Ostinato“ Johnny Rabb Signature Pro Pad (PX/JRPAD)
The “Ostinato” Johnny Rabb Signature Practice Pad features our proprietary drum pad blend in the center playing area with a laminated elliptical pad on each side for practicing hand ostinato's and developing your rhythmic vocabulary during practice time. A blue mute is included for strengthening your muscles and decreasing pad volume.

Weight: 4lbs

“Hybrid“ David Ellis Signature Marching Pro Pad (PX/DEPAD)
The David Ellis “Hybrid“ Signature Corps Practice Pad is a double sided multi-functional practice pad specially designed for the “on the go“ player who wants to practice their snare chops and maintain their tenor drum muscle memory. A 360° “PTR“ (Poly Tech Rim) replicates the realism of an actual snare drum rim by providing excellent impact strength and volume for producing shots, pings, cross shots and hi hat mocking.

Weight: 5lbs

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