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Wadsworth, OH 44281
Cullen Triner
International Association of Traditional Drummers Examining Judge, APRDC Chapter 5 Coordinator, Drum Sergeant Camp Chase Fife and drums, Private Instructor

What Cullen Triner says about ProLogix®:
“ProLogix practice pads are the best feeling and most versatile pads on the market. The low impact playing surface resembles the real true feel of a drum. Also, the raised replicated rim allows you to practice rim shots all day without tearing up your sticks. Now every drummer can get that “extra workout“ while warming up or practicing endurance drills.“

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More About Cullen Triner:
Cullen Triner teaches all styles of percussion and specializes in Rudimental Drumming. He is currently the Drum Sgt. for the Camp Chase Fifes and Drums www.campchasefifesanddrums.com out of Columbus, OH. He was formerly the Chapter 5 President of the American Patriots Rudimental Drummers Club (APRDC).
In 2007 Cullen had the honor of playing with John (Jack) Pratt at the APRDC Convention, playing “The Triplet Fill 6/8” and “Gingersnap”, both written by John Pratt.
In 2006 Cullen was recognized by Mr. Pratt as a “Master Drummer“ with a Charter Membership, and the status of “Examining Judge“ for the International Association of Traditional Drummers (IATD). Cullen also competed in the Drum Corps Associates (DCA) Snare Drum Competition in Rochester NY, where he placed in 3rd place in his first National Competition. www.youtube.com/watch?v=g8KFu5MSJFg
In 1992 Cullen was part of the Grand Opening of Euro-Disney where he played snare drum in the 500 member All-American Marching Band where the band served as one of the highlights of the ceremonies. The bands duties included marching the opening “Grand Parade” and playing with the Temptations and The Four Tops.
Cullen also is the former Director of Percussion at Tiffin University and gives Rudimental Drumming Clinics at area High Schools. He was the percussion section leader with the Alliance Symphony, Drum Sgt. for the Crooked River Pipes and Drums, and has played drum set gigs from Country, Funk, Jazz, to Rock. He is a forum moderator/administrator for www.rudimentaldrumming.com and has studied privately with Ken Mazur, Mike Crawley, and Jim Chapin.

ProLogix® Endorsements:
12“ “Black Out“ Practice Pad (PX/BLACKO12)
The Black Out pad consists of a special formulated 3/16“ black neoprene playing surface similar to an actual snare drum without excessive bounce to build your chops. Our countersunk 360° “PTR“ (Poly Tech Rim) replicates the realism of an actual snare drum rim by providing excellent impact strength and volume for practicing rim shots and cross stick patterns.

Weight: 4lbs

16“ D-Lux Practi-Bag (PX/DLBAG)
16“ diameter multi pocketed shoulder bag, designed by founder Jason Edwards, which transports your ProLogix® practice pad and accessories, instructional books, full sized metronome, sticks, brushes, mallets, portable media player, phone, and more in one carrying bag.

Weight 2lbs

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