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David Ellis
Former Blast Snare Soloist, Bakersfield College Instructor, Bakersfield High School Percussion Director, Liberty High School, International Clinician.

What David Ellis says about ProLogix®:
“When it comes to transferring over your rudiments from a pad to and actual drum, ProLogix pads are a must. With its rim and extremely durable laminate, practicing rudiments, rim tricks and backsticking is much more realistic.“

More About David Ellis:
Dave Ellis was a featured performer for the Tony award-winning Broadway musical, Blast. He has performed in Japan, Canada, and all throughout the United States. Dave is a former member of the Concord Blue Devils.
Raised in Bakersfield, CA, he has taught various high school percussion programs for the last sixteen years. Dave has also taught with both the Blue Devils and Marion Cadets drum corps organizations. He is currently the percussion director at Bakersfield College, Liberty High School, and Bakersfield High School.

ProLogix® Endorsements:
David Ellis Hybrid Signature Practice Pad Laminate (PX/DEPADL)
The David Ellis signature graphic laminate is available for when your original pad laminate needs replaced on the Hybrid pad. This laminate is a custom designed blue graphic laminate formulated to create the actual feel and similar sound characteristics of a high tension Kevlar/Aramid Fiber marching snare drum. Easy peel and stick application.

“Hybrid“ David Ellis Signature Marching Pro Pad (PX/DEPAD)
The David Ellis “Hybrid“ Signature Corps Practice Pad is a double sided multi-functional practice pad specially designed for the “on the go“ player who wants to practice their snare chops and maintain their tenor drum muscle memory. A 360° “PTR“ (Poly Tech Rim) replicates the realism of an actual snare drum rim by providing excellent impact strength and volume for producing shots, pings, cross shots and hi hat mocking.

Weight: 5lbs

16“ D-Lux Practi-Bag (PX/DLBAG)
16“ diameter multi pocketed shoulder bag, designed by founder Jason Edwards, which transports your ProLogix® practice pad and accessories, instructional books, full sized metronome, sticks, brushes, mallets, portable media player, phone, and more in one carrying bag.

Weight 2lbs

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